Industrial Standby



We are an approved, factory-trained Generac Sales, Installation and Service provider for air-cooled whole house backup generators, as well as commercial, including liquid cooled generators up to 250kW.

Our generators automatically sense loss of electrical service, then use a battery to start a powerful generator that supplies the whole house with electricity. They work with a transfer switch to maintain power to just the circuits that you need in case of a power outage. 

There's no need to roll out a generator, start it up and run extension cords all over the house. Our generators run on propane or natural gas, so you don't have to store dangerous gasoline. Note that gasoline generators require running at regular intervals to avoid gumming up. And unlike propane and natural gas, gasoline goes bad, even when stored with stabilizers, so has to be siphoned out of the tank and changed.

Circuits you will might want to maintain with a generator:

  • Refrigerator - don't come home from vacation to find spoiled food
  • Garage door - motorized door openers need power - what if you need to evacuate or run to the store?
  • Medical devices - keep your CPAP or other medical devices working if power fails at night - this could save your life!
  • Lights - don't be left in the dark
  • Powered phone systems - many phone systems require a base station and wireless phones to be plugged in.
  • Internet - keep your modem and WiFi powered up - WiFi is often working during a local power outage, but not your modem.
  • Computers - continue working through a power outage - if your Internet provider is running, make sure your WiFi is up
  • Fish Tank - keep filters and heaters going - fish need oxygen and heat - when power drops, you have to power the tank
  • Electric Clocks - avoid having to reset all your clocks when the power goes out
  • Washer and Dryer - through an extended outage, maybe you will want to have clean clothes
  • Air Conditioner/Heater - on hot summer days or cold winter nights, you might want temperature control

Visit the Generac website to see the full line of generators: Generac Home Backup Generators

This is what a typical air-cooled Generac home backup generator looks like:

We bolt it down to a pad and hook it up to natural gas or propane. We also install

a "transfer switch" so that the generator powers selected circuits, based on 

the size of the generator and the circuits you need to power.

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